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Thor Review

I want to start off by saying that this is probably one of the best Marvel films made to date! This film really brought back memories of watching Iron Man back in 2008. There were so many doubts that had crossed my mind; what if this movie failed? What would this say for the Avengers film? Thor was not my favourite character in the Marvel Universe as there are other characters that are much more appealing (i.e. Spiderman). However, I kept my faith in Kenneth Branagh and he did not disappoint with this film! (more…)

All-Star Superman Review

Superman on his very last mission? Say it isnt so! (more…)

Green Hornet Review

Upon first hearing about the making of this film I was really excited, I mean I used to love watching the The Green Hornet on TV with Bruce Lee (lets face it he was the real star!) when I was younger. This show was not as campy as Batman, heck Green Hornet had it right; he was in the dark clothes, lurking around in the darkness more than Batman. Back on topic, I loved this show, but when I heard that Seth Rogen was chosen to star in the film I got a little worried. I mean this is a super hero flick afterall and Seth has been in a lot of comedies. However when I thought of one of his other films called Observe and Report, I thought that hey maybe he can play the part, because that film was not your typical Seth Rogen film (dark comedy, do check it out if you have time!). However after watching this film I was deeply saddened, for I walked away from this movie with my head down thinking why… (more…)

Jackass 3D Review

Well I just came back not too long ago from watching this film and let me tell you this film is freaking hilarious, but also very disgusting as well. (more…)

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Review

Superman/Batman Apocalypse is the sequel to the previous Superman/Batman team-up Public Enemies and this is the 9th direct-to-video from the DC animated universe; it just begs the question, where is Marvel? This story is based off the comic storyline “The Supergirl from Krypton”. This movie primarily deals with Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin from Krypton and her recent arrival on Earth. The ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid is aware of Kara’s existence as well and wants to recruit her to his cause: the destruction of Superman. It becomes the main objective for both and Batman and Superman to protect her at any cost. Heck even Wonder Woman becomes involved; they should have called this Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman: Apocalypse seeing as how you have three major characters in the DC universe in the one film. (more…)

The Expendables Review

If you are anything like me then I’ll bet when you heard about this movie you were super excited for it and couldn’t wait for it to come out. I mean how could you not be excited, this movie has action stars from the past and the present. However as the year went by and more trailers came out and the movie was quickly approaching its release date, I had a terrible feeling that this movie wasn’t going to be all that…damn I hate my instincts… (more…)

Batman Under the Red Hood Review

Now when I first heard that this movie was going to be made I was super stoked. I was familiar with both Batman story arcs A Death in the Family and Under the Hood (which this movie is based off of). Which meant that we were going to see a very violent and dark story in Batman lore. Though when I saw this I was still very much shocked as to what I saw. (more…)

Toy Story 3 Review

Now I’m not a huge fan when it comes to watching animated films in theatres, I tend to wait for them to come out on DVD and then watch them. I was however dragged by friends to go see this movie and I had a lot of doubts about the film; that is initially my gut reaction for animated films. However after watching this film I walked away a very happy man. Toy Story 3 belongs in the category of great films for the year perhaps even all time! (more…)

Get Him to The Greek Review

The Judd Apatow family is back with their brand new picture, Get Him to the Greek. This reunites the two actors Jonah Hill and Russel Brand from a previous Apatow film called Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Russel Brand’s character Aldous Snow is back while Jonah Hill takes on a new character Aaron Green. (more…)

Kick-Ass Review

I know that this review is coming very late seeing as how this film came out mid-April, but this movie was the perfect way to kick off the summer and lets face it, it must be written. (more…)