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Thor Review

I want to start off by saying that this is probably one of the best Marvel films made to date! This film really brought back memories of watching Iron Man back in 2008. There were so many doubts that had crossed my mind; what if this movie failed? What would this say for the Avengers film? Thor was not my favourite character in the Marvel Universe as there are other characters that are much more appealing (i.e. Spiderman). However, I kept my faith in Kenneth Branagh and he did not disappoint with this film!

The film revolves around the God of thunder Thor, who through his arrogant ways reignites a war. His father Odin (played by Anthony Hopkins) strips his son of his godly powers and banishes him to midgard uh I mean Earth to teach his son humility and what it truly means to be a hero. It is here that he meets and falls for Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), whom doesn’t believe who he says he is but reluctantly helps him along with her crew. All the while his step brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) schemes to make sure his brother stays where he is, so that he may rule over Asgard.

The casting for the film was great overall; newcomer Chris Hemsworth did an amazing job at playing the main role. He was both funny and serious  when it was needed which made for a great character. I was afraid that his dialogue would have that sort of old way of speaking (oh men hear thee); but they kept it fairly modern for this film which made it great. Tom Hiddleston does a fantastic job at playing Loki; fully embracing the mischievous character. He is a very complex character and probably one of the best on screen, in my opinion.

Asgard was a wonderful realm to behold, I was at first afraid of how it might turn out, but it ended up great overall; it reminded me of Coruscant from the Star Wars series. The switch between Asgard and Earth scenes were awesome, the seamless transition between the two did not hinder the flow of the story or the film one bit. There is a bit of a drag in the film in between where there is not much action, at least for probably a good hour; some people might care especially because of the length of the film however you just get immersed and trapped within this fantasy world where you don’t really care (which is why it reminds me of Iron Man).

I think the weakest part of the film was probably the romance; it was as if it was just thrown in there just because, you do not get that strong feeling of chemistry between the two characters, which would have been cool, but I guess that’s how most super hero films are these days. Although there were only a few actions sequences they were pretty big; Thor is pretty much Superman here…ahem Superman movies should take some notes here.

Overall the film was awesome and remember that this all leads into The Avengers movie, so don’t forget to stay after the credits to watch a scene!

Awesome action adventure and a great story, this is a wonderful start to what should be an action packed summer! However I do believe 2012 should top it.


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