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Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3

Well folks the summer has come to an end (teardrop) and fall has begun at least it feels like it, but at least there are things that we can look forward to, such as video games. The summer had a bit of a drought with video games as there were no majorly huge release titles released. I for one am sort of happy that the summer is gone because that now means I get to play some new video games, but of course I still have school to attend.

I had an interesting conversation the other day in regards to two major titles that are coming out and that essentially go head to head; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3; the question was which one do you think will do better? Now I am a diehard fan of the Call of Duty series, ever since the release of the first Modern Warfare; this game took me away from my first love: Halo. And I’ve had times where I have relapsed but I quickly ran right back to CODs loving arms.

Every year there is a COD game released, one year its Infinity Ward and the next year its by Treyarch and this is a continuous cycle. Infinity Ward in my personal opinion (and many others) has been the better of the two developers, however after the release of 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward became involved in a legal dispute with the publisher of the COD franchise Activision. I don’t know the major issues that occurred between the two companies but it resulted in the departures of most of the executive staff at Infinity Ward. I don’t know about anyone else but this worried the crap out of me as I was very curious to see how this would affect the outcome of Modern Warfare 3, or if there would even be a Modern Warfare 3. Fast Forward a year later and things are on track with the release of MW3 in November. I was dying to see what the game would look like and how it has changed since the last one. The teaser vid that was released got me excited, but alas as the full length video was released I was utterly disappointed with seeing that not much has changed since the last iteration from Infinity Ward.

Treyarch made an amazing game with BlackOps and it was a surprise for a lot of people; the gameplay was a little different that MW2, but it was still just as good if not better, with new made game modes. BlackOps was the COMPLETE COD game. Everyone expects to see something amazing from Infinity Ward and I haven’t seen much as of yet to be honest, as I am a diehard fan of the series, I’ll still probably give in and end up picking it up and singing its praises, even though I know they could make changes.

Now the game that I’ve seen that is making strides and essentially trying to make it’s triumphant return is the original Battlefield Series, with Battlefield 3. The Bad Company series was just a spinoff of the original Battlefield series. The new game that is being released this October comes right after Battlefield 2 and is not a sequel to BC. The first teaser video that EA showed off, made me think what they were showing was just a rendered video and that it could never be actual gameplay footage. Little did I know that it was actual gameplay footage and when I found out I was blown away by this fact. The graphics, lighting, audio, all of it was amazing, I just hope picking it up and playing it will be just as satisfying. BF3 is pushing new boundaries that has not been seen in the COD series or in any FPS shooter in a while; a brand new engine (Frostbite 2.0), that allows for destructible environments and very huge maps that allow for vehicles and also allows up to 64 players online (PC) and 24 on consoles. You would think that BF3 should be the clear winner here right? Well this what my conversation got into.

Myself and the other person agreed, that BF3 perhaps will be the better game in terms of content. EA is trying to make a statement here: they are trying their best to dethrone the COD series by bringing back a series to its roots; it has gotten a lot of attention since its announcement and people can check out videos on youtube, since EA has released a lot of them in order to generate awareness. They can do this but, the COD series will reign supreme with consumers because of the fact that COD has a essentially become a household name; you say the word COD and automatically everyone knows what you are talking about. The other thing is that BF started on the PC and likewise with BF3 it is aimed towards the PC market, which is why they have 64 players online. The problem is is that not everyone has a dam good system to run it at its best; heck I may have to buy a new video card to play it! Everyone knows and is looking forward to MW3, they will definitely generate the numbers with sales, maybe making another blockbuster hit. But I think that BF3 will be the much better game. Who knows, I could be very wrong. Let me know what you think, which game will do better in your opinion? I guess we truly won’t know until the end of October/beginning of November, when these games drop!

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