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New Thor Trailer

Just as the title says, watch and enjoy!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Launch Trailer

Well I was just taking a look at this trailer and it pretty much brought my jaw to the ground. This has truly been 10 years in the making; Capcom has done it once again, and I’m sure fans of the series will not be disappointed with this new iteration! I truly hope to get a copy for myself very soon. Check out the launch trailer! (more…)

X-Men: First Class Preview trailer

Looks intersting!! Check it out!




Superbowl TV Spots

Forget about the teams that are playing, we all know that we watch the superbowl to watch some of those awesome ads…okay that’s why I watch the superbowl I admit it!  If you were watching tonight’s superbowl then you might have caught some great movie trailers for some upcoming films being released this summer, if not then here you go! Thanks Afraz!!! (more…)

Green Hornet Review

Upon first hearing about the making of this film I was really excited, I mean I used to love watching the The Green Hornet on TV with Bruce Lee (lets face it he was the real star!) when I was younger. This show was not as campy as Batman, heck Green Hornet had it right; he was in the dark clothes, lurking around in the darkness more than Batman. Back on topic, I loved this show, but when I heard that Seth Rogen was chosen to star in the film I got a little worried. I mean this is a super hero flick afterall and Seth has been in a lot of comedies. However when I thought of one of his other films called Observe and Report, I thought that hey maybe he can play the part, because that film was not your typical Seth Rogen film (dark comedy, do check it out if you have time!). However after watching this film I was deeply saddened, for I walked away from this movie with my head down thinking why… (more…)

And the new Superman is…

Well I am sure most of you out there are excited to learn that a new Superman movie is in the works. I have very high hopes that it will better than what was offered to us in the form of what was Superman Returns. In any case, I’m sure Zack Snyder will be able to pull this badboy off, well even if the story isn’t all that I’m sure we shall have a lot of action that has not been depicted in any Superman movie before, well except for maybe Superman 2, but that was the early 80s we need something a little updated. And also don’t expect to see anyone kicked into a bottomless pitt yelling THIS IS SPARTA. (more…)