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Jackass 3D Review

Well I just came back not too long ago from watching this film and let me tell you this film is freaking hilarious, but also very disgusting as well.

The Jackass boys are back and this time in 3D, yes those lovable knuckleheads are back and embracing the new format of technology and I must say I enjoyed watching it like this. If you have not seen a Jackass movie or TV show then let me give you a simple breakdown: a bunch of friends get together pulling pranks on themselves, on each other, and anyone else they can get. No one is safe! Now since this is a movie they do things here that are very crude and graphic, so if you are the type of person that is very squirmish then close your eyes at those parts of the movie or don’t watch it at all.

Some of the pranks ranged from being rammed by bulls to seeing someone’s bowels literally explode all over the place. Disgusting? Yes! Very funny? Yes indeed! This is a movie you enjoy with friends, however be warned that this is not a date movie!

I do like the fact that they made good use of their slow motion cameras; it made everything that much more enjoyable to watch! Seeing anything in slow motion is funny; imagine seeing these pranks in super slow-mo. Every little detail is captured, from the ripple effects of someone getting slapped in the face to hearing the bone crunch sound of someone being rammed by a bull. I do believe that the stunts were more outrageous than that of previous movies, lets just say I won’t be using a porta potty anytime soon. Some parts were actually really hard to watch but you couldn’t help but laugh at seeing the outcome. At times I felt like throwing up; hell the camera crew and cast members were throwing up because of everything that was going on. I guarantee that there will be some people hurling after watching this film…guaranteed!.

I don’t know how these guys do it, they must have an extremely high tolerance for pain because if I was in one of those pranks I would be running for the hills.

The movie was funny, disgusting and crude; everything all rolled into one. If you can handle it and you have a very very very strong stomach then check it out!

Rating: 4/5

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