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All-Star Superman Review

Superman on his very last mission? Say it isnt so! The movie is based off of the 12 part story issue by Grant Morrison; All-Star Superman is outside of the DC continuity so therefore this is a standalone story and has nothing to do with the mainstream story arc of the ongoing series. Although it is outside of continuity, it is still a great story nonetheless and one that should be watched.

The story depicts Superman in his final moments on Earth; at the onset of the story a crew of scientists that are exploring the sun are attacked by a genetically-altered Luthor clone orchestrated by Lex. Superman comes to save the day and in the process gains the new ability, to extend his bio-electric field *(check the bottom of the article to know what this is) to help the crew out of the sun. Due to his close proximity to the sun, Superman becomes overexposed to sun radiation and in turn slowly begins to kill him,  while yes gaining some new abilities in the process. Thus Superman has approximately a year to live and do things he has never done, all the while keeping his illness and impending death a secret to the world.

Although this story is outside of continuity, it was very enjoyable to watch. There wasn’t a lot of action like in Superman: Doomsday, but it was just interesting to see how Superman would spend his last moments on Earth; one of the things included Superman revealing to a certain “someone” of his true identity, which is always fun to see. And its also amusing to see how this person reacted to the whole situation.

One of the more enjoyable scenes in the film would probably have to be a segment in which Clark goes to the prison where Luthor is staying for an interview; just the way in which these two interact with each other is great, especially with everything going on in the prison. Lex’s greatest nemesis is but only a few feet away from him and he doesn’t know it, SUPERMAN FTW!  Superman does his job well at being Clark, and funny enough Lex likes Clark believing him to be the very opposite of Superman. The final battle between these two isn’t all that epically awesome, but it does leave you with Lex having an epiphany about the way in which Superman sees the world. Honestly I was expecting to see some all out warfare, but I was generally pleased with how these two ended things. And I think Superman fans will be satisfied with the ending, hell it was a popular book with lots of people so why wouldn’t it be pleasing?

I believe that Superman fans, will not be disappointed by this showing, it is a little light-hearted, but everything goes along well at a steady pace; it is one to definitely watch!

Rating: 4.5/5

*There has been numerous debates as to the extent of Superman’s abilities over the years, especially when it comes to his invulnerability. Some authors have suggested that he has a mini-forcefield surrounding his entire body, which protects him from being harmed, in other words, having some sort of bio electric field. So I guess Morrison and company went along with this theory which is why he was able to extend it to help carry the crew of scientists out of the sun. I may be wrong, but that’s from stuff that I have read, feel free to drop a comment on this…

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