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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Trailer

Here you go folks, part one of two of the very last Harry Potter flick The Deathly Hallows. Part one is set for release this November and the following film will be released next July 2011. Check out this dark new trailer! Mouths can drop and drool can commence now…

And the winner is…

Well now I think this was a very exciting E3 between the big 3. All came out with their strengths and of course weaknesses (glitches, failures, etc…). Gaming is changing and I believe its heading into an exciting direction that makes you believe anything is possible for the future!

Of the Big 3 I believe….Nintendo took the show. They showed off a lot of classic games plus new ones that will be coming out soon. The 3DS looks amazing and the games being released for it look awesome.  I would say Microsoft comes in at second place because of two things, the Kinect will revolutionize the way we play games and of course they introduced a new and better XBOX 360! Sony wasn’t exciting me that much with what they showed, The Move looks amazing do not get me wrong, but the rest of the conference wasn’t really doing anything for me. There were way too many video montages, that were very unnecessary when I already see them plenty of times on TV.

So there you have it folks, I hope you enjoyed this year’s E3 as much as I did and I cannot wait to see what they show off next year!

Nintendo @ E3 Highlights

The last major player to enter the stage of the Big 3 at E3 was none other than Nintendo. The Wii revolutionized the gaming industry a few years back with their motion controlling device, hell they kicked things off for everyone. In any case they had nothing to show but lots and lots of games coming to both the Wii and DS.

They started things off by showing the new Legend of Zelda game titled Skyward Sword. Plot details are not known but there was a demo of the game, this time it is heavily integrated with the Wii motion-plus controller. I want to say that it’s amazing however from the presentation there were a lot of glitches with the controller (used by none other than Shigeru Miyamoto). It is believed that it will work a lot like Playstation’s Move whereby you get the one to one motion.

Another huge game that is coming to the Wii that made a splash on the N64 is 007 Goldeneye! Fanboys rejoice, this is the shooter that revolutionized the genre (some would argue Doom) and it is coming to the Wii with Daniel Craig’s likeness as Bond?!?! Didn’t Pierce Brosnan play Bond in Goldeneye? He’s good but it would be nice to see Brosnan, it feels like a better fit.

There were a slew of other games announced as well like Epic Mickey, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Metroid: Other M, and Donkey Kong.

Now I’ve saved the best for last! Sony and MS showed off new motion controller devices, what does this mean for Nintendo? They’ve already had a motion device on the market for the last 4 years what else could they show? Well they could update their DS…AND THEY DID! They are introducing the new 3DS. It maintains everything you love about the DS but one of the screens is 3D if you want it to be since apparently there is a slider to help control what the game looks like. The best part is you won’t need to get 3D glasses in order to view things in 3D! What’s better is that they are introducing a lot of games, games that came out for 64 and are now coming to the 3DS from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time to StarFox 64!

This year is indeed shaping up to be a good one for Nintendo. Come back to checkout my afterthoughts about the 3 companies and who in my opinion stole the show…

Sony Press Conference @ E3 Highlights

Following Microsoft’s press conference was Sony and boy did they have to get the audience attention after what Microsoft did. The main attraction with MS conference was all about motion controlling and it was no different here with Sony. Sony kicked things off by showing the Move whereby it is similar to the Wii but with HD graphics (that’s how I describe it). The device is actually very impressive and I was taken aback by what it could do. They did show off a game that heavily implemented the device called Sorcery . So people witnessed it in action and I must say it will deliver. It has precise one to one movement whereby what you do in your living room with the device will translate on screen with the game. In the game you have a wand with different magical abilities and you can combine those abilities to unleash devastating maneuvers with a flick of the wrist. If this is what the device will be like then the Wii and 360 will have major competition.

Another highlight from the conference would have to be Sony’s spokesperson ad campaign with Kevin Butler. He made his E3 appearance and did his usual stuff like he normally does with Sony ads. And now he has a partner to help him out. Sony is introducing someone else to the mix and his name is Marcus Rivers portrayed by Bobb’e J. Thompson. He is a 13 year old actor/comedian whom you may remember from the film Role Models. Anyways he’s quite funny and those two have good chemistry on screen.

That was pretty much the first 40min of the conference. The next hour and a bit was a bit boring. They kept showing montage after montage. And you know what THEY WERE THE SAME. It also looks like the Playstation Network will receive some changes. You can have a greater experience on the PSN whereby you can get early demos, discounts on items, exclusive features and other goodies all for the low price of 49.99 a year! At least you can still play video games online for free with Sony unlike Microsoft.

The only other aspect of the show that caught my attention was Twisted Metal. Yes they are coming back with a new one! I loved playing this when I was younger and I am excited to see it coming back out…hopefully my friend grabs a copy so that I may spend several hours at his place destroying other vehicles in fiery explosive carnage. Anywho there is also some more montages and talks of exclusive titles like Infamous 2 and Gran Turismo (its about damn time they show this game)!

Funny things is though there is not much mention of the Go and only a little bit of info with the PSP. Personally I believe Nintendo owns that area and it will be hard to dethrone the king of the handheld platform!

Before I forget, there is a huge hype over 3D since the Avatar film and other films are beginning to adopt it. The PS3 is 3D capable but the only way to play games in 3D is if you have a 3D TV display. Now this technology is still early in development but it looks as though Sony is really trying to push this into the market. I for one think it will be a very long time before 3D TVs as well as 3D gaming become the new thing (if it makes it) on the market. People purchase HDTVs right now and all of a sudden these companies expect you to get a 3D TV? If they continue to push it like this then it will fail. I for one personally think 3D is weird within the home, I love it in theatres but having to sit down in front of my TV with 3D glasses is awkward not to mention those glasses are quite expensive! Sony has shown off some exclusive titles in 3D such as Killzone and Gran Turismo which I’m sure looks amazing however it will be a very long time before anyone actually views those games in 3D within their home.

Check back again for Nintendo Highlights as well as my afterthoughts as to who reigned supreme at E3!

Green Hornet Trailer

It is finally here, your first look at the new Green Hornet trailer starring Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz,  and Jay Shou. This is based off of the 1960s TV show that aired alongside another famous hero Batman…both shows were campy at the time and not all that great, but for a kid it was very entertaining. Anyways check out the link down below to view the trailer!

Get Him to The Greek Review

The Judd Apatow family is back with their brand new picture, Get Him to the Greek. This reunites the two actors Jonah Hill and Russel Brand from a previous Apatow film called Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Russel Brand’s character Aldous Snow is back while Jonah Hill takes on a new character Aaron Green. (more…)

Microsoft Press Conference Highlights @ E3

Well it is that time again for the gaming world. Yes, E3 has begun once again! This is where the titans come to play and show off all that is gaming. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are here this year to show us what they are made of. To kick things off for us was Microsoft. Their press conference was pretty good as  compared to other years when we would hear a lot of statistics about how well the console is doing. Now thats nice and all but lets here about games and this year they delivered just that!

Microsoft showed off gameplay footage of their exclusive titles series hits such as Gears of War 3, Halo: Reach, Fable 3, and Metal Gear Solid: Rising. All of these games looked phenomenal and I sure as hell cannot wait until they come out! Microsoft also unveiled a brand new exclusive title from Crytek Studios (the makers behind Crysis) called Codename Kingdom. Now it would appear to have a setting of ancient Roman times, but nothing was really shown in the teaser trailer to provide more information. So as you can see Microsoft is pushing its system hard to the masses and delivering great games behind it. The real winner of the Microsoft conference would have to be Project Natal Kinect.

Kinect is Microsoft’s run at the motion controller market. It is something that I think is revolutionary much like what the Wii was when it first came out. This device makes YOU the controller, yes your body is now a controller where Kinect is able to track your movements and translate them on screen. The conference showed off many games that would be coming out for the device (coming out November 4, 2010), that looks like something they pulled from the Wii library. I mean it is to be expected, they are trying to hit that market that is dominated by the Wii. We shall see games like Kinect Sports (Wii sports duplicate), Joy Ride (some car game), and Kinect Adventures (White water rafting and other mini games) too name a few. And of course  there shall be things to cater to the hardcore market of gamers such as Forza Motorsport and Star Wars. However they never did speak in depth upon how using Kinect would really integrate with major titles such as Gears. I’m sure whatever they come up with will be fine, providing this thing does become a success, which I hope it does since this could very well be the future of gaming!

Seeing as how Kinect picks up movement guess what you can do without a controller….you guessed it; navigate through menus using only your hands!!! I think thats one of the cooler features! And since this does have voice detection as well guess what else you can do…talk to your XBOX, OH YEAH! Which means when you are watching a movie and you want to pause it and you do not have a controller in front of you just say Pause and it does it. How cool is that?

Other things that were on hand for the press conference was Microsoft’s EXCLUSIVE deal with ESPN to provide sports programming to the masses in HD! Seeing as how this is looking like Netflix where you only get it in the states I will not talk about this matter any further since I live in Canada…can we get TSN on that thing?

The conference wrapped up with introducing the new XBOX 360 slim, built with a 250GB HDD and a wireless N adapter inside, which ships later on this week. Btw everyone that was in the audience received one…wish I could have been there :(…The Sith within us really, really wants one. Image: Microsoft.

Any ways this was a phenomenal way to kick things off for E3. Sony and Nintendo are both on slate later on today to unveil big things happening for their respective consoles. Sony will show off  Move (their motion controlling device) and Nintendo will show off…Zelda hopefully. Lets see what these companies have in store.

Come back to check out highlights of these companies…

Transformers 3…yay?

Hey all, I just read some news that Transformers 3 will have a better story to end the series…YAY. Now I do not know about the rest of you (feel free to leave comments :)) but I for one did not like the last transformers movie Revenge of the Fallen. They let go of the story in favor of more action…action doesn’t necessarily make things better. It may be more entertaining to watch, but it doesn’t mean its better. In any case the story around this last installment is kind of sketchy, what I do know is that the story will revolve around Sam (Shia Labeouf) venturing off into adulthood. So I guess once we hit the third film he will be out of college and looking for work.

The big baddy for the film will apparently be Shockwave…I do not know what type of role this Decepticon has had in
recent shows but in the original Generation 1 series he wasn’t much of a major character from what I could remember, so this is an interesting choice for villains. Personally I was kind of hoping to see Unicron but that is probably too much of a stretch for a movie.

Will Transformers 3 surpass its predecessor? We shall find out eventually…

New Mortal Kombat at E3

Looks like there is a new Mortal Kombat game on the way making its debut at E3! I for one am excited to see a new MK game in the works since I grew up with the series, although the last couple of games were not up to par. And from the looks of the trailer they will be heading back to its 2D roots with a mix of 3D (street fighter IV comes to mind).

Check out the trailer…PREPARE TO FIGHT!!!!

Batman 3 has a date…

Batman 3 has a tentative release date of July 20, 2012!! The film is in the works with Christopher Nolan back in the director’s seat. There is no news as to who the next villain will be in the film. Mr Nolan does however know how he plans on ending this series. And I’m sure it will be very satisfying!!

Who do you think will be the villain in the next film? Anyone hoping to see the Riddler?!