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Green Hornet Review

Upon first hearing about the making of this film I was really excited, I mean I used to love watching the The Green Hornet on TV with Bruce Lee (lets face it he was the real star!) when I was younger. This show was not as campy as Batman, heck Green Hornet had it right; he was in the dark clothes, lurking around in the darkness more than Batman. Back on topic, I loved this show, but when I heard that Seth Rogen was chosen to star in the film I got a little worried. I mean this is a super hero flick afterall and Seth has been in a lot of comedies. However when I thought of one of his other films called Observe and Report, I thought that hey maybe he can play the part, because that film was not your typical Seth Rogen film (dark comedy, do check it out if you have time!). However after watching this film I was deeply saddened, for I walked away from this movie with my head down thinking why…

The story sets off with wild playboy Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) enjoying the finer things in life; he has a strained relationship with his father who owns a successful multimillion dollar newspaper company; he just wants Britt to grow up and become responsible so that one day he may inherit his father’s company. However tragedy struck Britt as his father died from an allergic reaction to a bee sting. He changes his attitude (a little…) and fires the staff from his home, he meets his father’s assistant Kato, who is a mechanic and a very skilled martial artist. After the two meet and get drunk they decide to cause a bit of raucous at a cemetery, but soon afterwards they have a brief altercation with a gang. From there they decide to become vigilantes, the kicker here is that they have no idea what they are doing. Britt decides to go by the name of Green Hornet and use his newspaper company to spread his name around the city and get the attention of rival gangs. Sounds like a great movie right? Sigh, here comes the itty gritty…

I think the problem for me with this movie were the characters. For one thing, Seth Rogen’s character was like Seth Rogen in every other movie he is in (with a slight exception top Observe and Report). His character was truly very silly and its not very believable to see him in an action film; Kick Ass worked fairly damn well it was silly but was meant for a very mature audience, despite the ages of most of the characters in the film . This is like taking Batman and throwing him back in the past with his 60s campy tone. The Green Hornet was a fairly serious character, whom was risking his life to clean up the streets of his city; to see him in this capacity is strange to me. However the makers of this film seem to have wanted to just make a comedy and turn the Green Hornet into simply a fool, it might have worked for Defendor and Hancock, but it fails here.

The Green Hornet is aided in his war on crime with his sidekick Kato played by Jay Chou, a role that Bruce Lee made famous. Here in this rendition he is a mechanic with amazing skills in martial arts. He is probably the more entertaining of the two, Rogen’s character is often times at odds with Chou’s, especially when it comes to the woman they both have a thing for played by the lovely Cameron Diaz. She plays the role of Lenore and is the newly hired secretary of Britt. She largely shows an interest in Kato, at the chagrin of Britt who is also trying to woo her, but there isn’t much of any romance here, then again it is more of a comedic action flick so I guess romance here shouldn’t matter too much. Christoph Waltz brought so much energy and charisma to Inglorious Basterds as the main antagonist, but here he is a insecure fool going through just as much names changes as P. Diddy; granted he had a few funny parts, but it was pretty much a bore, “I AM UN-GAS-ABLE”…

As for the action there were some great set pieces, but the action fighting was mostly terrible with Kato and don’t get me started on GH and his fighting scenes…or lack there of. And 3D didn’t help things or make it better. I HAD TO PAY MORE TO WATCH THIS!!

If you want to see this film by all means check it out for yourself, I recommend watching it when it comes out on DVD, but that is just purely my opinion. I think that you can see something so much better out there worth your dollars. I will admit that there were some parts that were funny, but overall the film was mostly disappointing from the OVER-THE-TOP action, to the boring one sided characters.

Rating: 2/5

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