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Toy Story 3 Review

Now I’m not a huge fan when it comes to watching animated films in theatres, I tend to wait for them to come out on DVD and then watch them. I was however dragged by friends to go see this movie and I had a lot of doubts about the film; that is initially my gut reaction for animated films. However after watching this film I walked away a very happy man. Toy Story 3 belongs in the category of great films for the year perhaps even all time!

Now I saw the first Toy story and I thought it was good but not great, I never did see Toy Story 2 (yes I know, I’m bad) and I did hear good things about it, but the third film in this trilogy was absolutely amazing. In my opinion I don’t think you really need to watch the 2nd film in order to see this one, as long as you’ve seen the first one then you get an understanding of the cast of characters.

Speaking of the cast, the usual gang is back with Woody, Buzz, Mr. and Mrs potato, Jessie…pretty much the same cast. I think my favourite characters were actually Barbie and Ken, the scenes that they were in were absolutely hilarious! And for some strange reason Ken reminded me of Ray Liotta’s character from Goodfella’s (it will be explained).

The story consists of this. Andy is now a teenager heading off to college and like any teenager you have to get rid of your toys and that pretty much spells trouble for Woody and the gang. After a few hiccups the toys are sent to a daycare called Sunnyside and what they thought would be a paradise totally turns into a nightmare of a place with a big Teddy Bear named Lots-O-Huggin Bear in charge and Ken is his second in command. The gang soon realize that this isn’t the place for them to be and they try to get back to Andy’s place where they know they will be safe.

This film delivers it all from action, comedy, romance, and adventure! All of these different genres are blended together cohesively making things work naturally and smoothly which a lot of films cannot do or try to do but fail. And the thing about having these different genres is that it works with the film. There isn’t too much action or tons of romance; there is a equal mixture of each genre where anyone and everyone can enjoy. I sat in a theatre with people aged probably 8 years old to over 65. There is something here for everyone to enjoy!

This was a great way to send off the trilogy, there was a right mixture of emotion throughout the film. There was some sadness but things worked out for the best in the end which filled you with joy. It is sad to see a trilogy come to an end but they ended it off very well (Shrek take some pointers). This trilogy will join the likes of other great trilogies such as LOTR, the Original Star Wars, and the Bourne Series.

Rating: 5/5

If you have seen nothing at all this summer, then go and check out this film!

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