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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Review

Oh Lucasarts what is going on with you guys? Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 is the long awaited sequel to the bestselling game of 2008. Although it might have been the best selling game it suffered from a lot of technical issues and the sequel continues on the legacy of those issues. (more…)

360 gets a fresh update today…

Today, when you turn on your Xbox 360 game console (for those of you that have one), you will receive a notice to update your system. I am pretty sure that this is in preparation for Microsoft’s motion controller device, Kinect, which will be released this Thursday, November 4. (more…)

Microsoft Press Conference Highlights @ E3

Well it is that time again for the gaming world. Yes, E3 has begun once again! This is where the titans come to play and show off all that is gaming. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are here this year to show us what they are made of. To kick things off for us was Microsoft. Their press conference was pretty good as  compared to other years when we would hear a lot of statistics about how well the console is doing. Now thats nice and all but lets here about games and this year they delivered just that!

Microsoft showed off gameplay footage of their exclusive titles series hits such as Gears of War 3, Halo: Reach, Fable 3, and Metal Gear Solid: Rising. All of these games looked phenomenal and I sure as hell cannot wait until they come out! Microsoft also unveiled a brand new exclusive title from Crytek Studios (the makers behind Crysis) called Codename Kingdom. Now it would appear to have a setting of ancient Roman times, but nothing was really shown in the teaser trailer to provide more information. So as you can see Microsoft is pushing its system hard to the masses and delivering great games behind it. The real winner of the Microsoft conference would have to be Project Natal Kinect.

Kinect is Microsoft’s run at the motion controller market. It is something that I think is revolutionary much like what the Wii was when it first came out. This device makes YOU the controller, yes your body is now a controller where Kinect is able to track your movements and translate them on screen. The conference showed off many games that would be coming out for the device (coming out November 4, 2010), that looks like something they pulled from the Wii library. I mean it is to be expected, they are trying to hit that market that is dominated by the Wii. We shall see games like Kinect Sports (Wii sports duplicate), Joy Ride (some car game), and Kinect Adventures (White water rafting and other mini games) too name a few. And of course  there shall be things to cater to the hardcore market of gamers such as Forza Motorsport and Star Wars. However they never did speak in depth upon how using Kinect would really integrate with major titles such as Gears. I’m sure whatever they come up with will be fine, providing this thing does become a success, which I hope it does since this could very well be the future of gaming!

Seeing as how Kinect picks up movement guess what you can do without a controller….you guessed it; navigate through menus using only your hands!!! I think thats one of the cooler features! And since this does have voice detection as well guess what else you can do…talk to your XBOX, OH YEAH! Which means when you are watching a movie and you want to pause it and you do not have a controller in front of you just say Pause and it does it. How cool is that?

Other things that were on hand for the press conference was Microsoft’s EXCLUSIVE deal with ESPN to provide sports programming to the masses in HD! Seeing as how this is looking like Netflix where you only get it in the states I will not talk about this matter any further since I live in Canada…can we get TSN on that thing?

The conference wrapped up with introducing the new XBOX 360 slim, built with a 250GB HDD and a wireless N adapter inside, which ships later on this week. Btw everyone that was in the audience received one…wish I could have been there :(…The Sith within us really, really wants one. Image: Microsoft.

Any ways this was a phenomenal way to kick things off for E3. Sony and Nintendo are both on slate later on today to unveil big things happening for their respective consoles. Sony will show off  Move (their motion controlling device) and Nintendo will show off…Zelda hopefully. Lets see what these companies have in store.

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