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Battlefield 3: 12 min preview

Why cant there be amazing games coming out in the summer time? Why does everything have to be released in the fall when school begins? Oh well it wont stop me from indulging into my favourite hobby. And this fall will have a killer line up of games!

For those who are unaware, EA will be releasing their brand new Battlefield title this fall. The series shall not follow the path of Bad Company and will in fact be a sequel to Battlefield 2, which was released eons ago and was highly popular on PCs. This new iteration will take the same cue as its predecessor as the marketing focus will be for PC (thank god). Perhaps some game titles should also follow in this regard *cough Crysis 2-still a beautiful looking game though.

EA has been teasing us non-stop with their episodic trailers of the gameplay and down below, I have posted a 12 min gameplay trailer. The game is powered by the new Frostbite engine (Frostbite 2.0), where lighting effects looks damn well realistic and buildings come crumbling down by bullets and explosions. Imagine playing a multiplayer match and using an RPG on a house with a enemy inside, and watching everything blow up…EVERYTHING…ah the possibilities.

Let us just hope that this game does way better than Medal of Honor. I hope you all enjoy the vid!

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