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Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane….

The folks over at Warner Bros. have finally made their decision on casting Anne Hathaway in the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie scheduled for release in the summer of 2012. This shall be a very interesting take on the character and I am eagerly looking forward to see how Mr. Nolan will make this character. Let’s just hope its better than the last Catwoman that we saw…Halle Berry looked very pretty.


Also joining the cast is British actor Tom Hardy, whom we saw in the summer blockbuster hit Inception. He will be playing the role of Bane! The last time we saw Bane on the big screen was in the big flop that was Batman & Robin! If it wasn’t for Nolan’s films than perhaps we would have never seen the Dark Knight grace the big screen ever again. Scary thought!









Expect to see The Dark Knight Rises in theares July 20, 2012!

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