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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

Activision has once again delievered on a very impressive FPS shooter experience in their latest deal, Call of Duty: Black Ops. This is THE most complete Call of Duty game created to date and I believe its the best. Read on to find out more!

The campaign of this game is great and is probably the best story mode made for a Call of Duty game (that’s right I said it). The game has a lot of scripted moments such as breaking into a room and going through a bullet time effect, which makes the game all the more exciting, but it has become a staple in COD games. You assume the role of Mason, a special forces operative who is assigned missions around the world. The era in which this game takes place is during the Cold War (mostly the 60s). At the start of the game you are held by a government who is torturing you for information that you know of; of course these stories turn into missions, such as the Bay of Pigs where you attempt to assassinate a certain dictator in Cuba. The events that follow this lead up to a climatic finale. Everything is all strung together making this feel like an awesome action thriller movie. And the AI is pretty good in the game, although their accuracy is dead on if playing on higher difficulties; at least they are a lot better here than in MOH.

Graphically this game is absolutely phenomenal; it actually looks slightly better than (dare I say) Modern Warfare 2; from explosions to the outdoor scenery, you will not be disappointed. The audio however could have been better; the explosions look great but the sounds don’t have that BOOM sound effect you are looking for.

This is the most complete Call of Duty to date; it has an impressive single player experience, combined with a robust multiplayer (more on that), and the ever popular zombie mode makes a return. Zombie mode allows you and up to 3 other players to defend yourself against an onslaught of Zombies in an abandoned auditorium. When you start you only have  a pistol to defend yourself but you start off with 500 COD points. Along the walls you will find different weapons and by unlocking more rooms you get more powerful weapons but that also means you need more money to not only unlock these doors, but as well get these weapons; earn money by killing zombies and repairing the doors and windows that they come through. This mode experienced on World at War was a major hit and its back and better than ever with Black Ops.

The multiplayer is truly a very impressive showing of what this company is capable of. All of your regular game modes are back in this game. Most of the weapons that you use are the same like what you would find in Modern Warfare, but of course there are some new editions, like my favourite the explosive-tip crossbow (I go Rambo on people). There are some new killstreak rewards such as the popular RC-XD (a tiny rc car packed with explosives that you control), and a napalm strike that covers an area in a wall of fire. These are just some of the new editions that makes the game feel slightly different then its predecessor.

Of course you are able to customize your weapon, with changing the color or different attachments. Players are now able to create their own emblems to differentiate themselves and I have seen some amazing/bizarre things, from Wolverine and Kenny to very um disturbing pictures…

Players will not be able to do any of this without first having COD points. Players earn points by participating in matches and this enables them to do all of these crazy customizations. A part from playing online competitively players can earn more points by playing wager matches. Sacrifice some dough to play a match, come out on top and you get even more points…lose and you don’t really get anything. Yes this is essentially gambling online! These are all free for all type matches and the games are quite fun, for example in one game mode you are equipped with nothing but a pistol and one bullet. For every kill you get with the pistol you earn another bullet; miss your shot and all you have to defend yourself with is a knife, good luck getting close to your opponent!

There is one gripe I have with the online multiplayer, there is still the issue of players (like me) dropping out of matches. Be prepared to face this issue, especially if you in a party with a group of friends be prepared for some of them dropping out of matches due to connectivity issues. I hope this is something that gets resolved with patches.

The fact that Treyarch has implemented these different match types goes to show the thought and time that went into developing this game. I have always considered Infinity Ward to be the better of the two companies when it came to developing the series, but now I believe they are on an even playing field with this game, but that is just how I feel.

This game is backed by impressive visuals with a great storyline and a very robust and complete multiplayer, it is one of the best in the series!

Rating: 4.5/5

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