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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Review

Oh Lucasarts what is going on with you guys? Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 is the long awaited sequel to the bestselling game of 2008. Although it might have been the best selling game it suffered from a lot of technical issues and the sequel continues on the legacy of those issues.

SPOILER ALERT!! (this paragraph contains a few spoilers about the story)

Now for those who have not played the first game, allow me to fill you in on a few things about the story. You assume the role of Starkiller, Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. In the first game you ulimately leave your master to help form the rebel alliance and at the end of the first game Starkiller is killed; or so we think. This game picks up from the first, you once again assume the role of Starkilller or rather his clone. When you start the game you are haunted by memories of Starkiller from the previous game, Vader instructs you to do something but you disobey and when he’s about to kill you, you break free and thus we have a second Starkiller. But little does Starkiller know Vader is breeding a massive army to take on the alliance. Throughout the entire game, we are unsure whether or not this Starkiller is the real one or the clone. And by the end of the game you are left with a cliffhanger.

The story in this game was very weak as compared to the prequel game. I absolutely loved the story from the first and actually thought it was a lot better than all three of the prequel movies combined. Now this story left me asking by the end of it “that’s it”? There is no real depth to the story nor to Starkiller’s character and on top of all that the game leaves you with a cliffhanger ending. This game could be finished in a mere 5 hours probably less.

All of your favourite characters from the first game are back in this one and they have also added a few additions from the Star Wars universe, including two recognizable characters; Boba Fett and Yoda. Although it was cool seeing them in the game, there was truly no point at all in putting them in the game; the developers could have seriously done without them as their presence to the game adds nothing, and they are only in the game for about a total time of like 3 min.

The graphics for the game are actually very pretty and are a little more sharper than the first game. The game now features dismemberment, so imagine yourself picking up a stormtrooper and tossing him into a fan; or tossing your sabers at an enemy; both outcomes do not lead to good things. The game does once again utilize DMM and the Euphoria technologies that were present in the first game. DMM in short is technology that ensures that objects in the game act as its real life counter-part. So wood will actually break and splinter like wood and metal bends like metal. The technology is actually pretty good and a lot of games do not represent this technology, they make very good use of it in this game. The cinematics are really cool, but too bad the story isn’t all that great. Once again by the end of the game you choose a side, either light or dark, its cool but not very dramatic.

The controls suffer in this game just like they did for the last one. Controlling the camera also takes a hit as you are battling a lot of enemies, it is hard to see everything around you. The controls during combat do not feel as fluid and I found myself at odds with my controller instead of my foes on screen.

Now shall we get to the force powers and combat? The force powers in the game are absolutely once again very fun to use. When starting the game, you start off as being fairly powerful and you get all your abilities probably mid-way through the game. I don’t know if its the dark side in me but I just love being able to pick up stormtroopers and toss them off balconies. Two new additions are added: Jedi Mind trick, which allows you to confuse your enemies and Force Fury, which allows you to go, in a word ballistic with force energy. The combat is pretty cool allowing you to make amazing combos and also combining them with your force abilities. Speaking of combat, thrown throughout the levels there are force crystals that you can acquire to augment your lightsaber abilities, such as collecting more experience points or setting your enemies on fire. The game’s use of the force powers and combat are awesome, it is just too bad the gameplay gets old very fast.

The level designs aren’t that great; you just run from one room to the next killing enemies and moving on to the next to do the same thing. Even the boss battles get repetitive, they are not exciting; must I face a boss in every level?

I think this game needs to take cues from the last great Star Wars action adventure game I played, Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast. That game was amazing and it introduced different styles of gameplay elements; it is one to always be remembered.

The controls for this game and storytelling prevent it from being something truly awesome. The force was strong with this game, but it just got old really quickly.

Rating: 3/5


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