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Wolverine 2 in 2011

Do you love Wolverine? I am huge fan of this violent mutant, too bad his first solo outting wasn’t all that great! Let’s hope we get things right in the second installment of the franchise.

Wolverine 2 is set to bring Hugh Jackman back to his iconic role. The release date is still sketchy but it may be coming out in late 2011.

Darren Aronofsky is set to direct the film, which should make for a very different Wolverine film or even Marvel film for that matter. Aronofsky has directed films such as the The Wrestler, The Fountain and his upcoming film set to be released in December this year Black Swan.

The next film in the Wolverine series is set to take place in Japan and that is exactly where we find Mr. Logan hanging out at the end of the first film.

There was so much missing from the first film, it never gave me a sense of his violent nature or anything else; there was no meat to the story or character which made it highly disappointing for me. Hopefully this shall all be corrected in the next film and if it isn’t…well you shall see me talk about it here!!

*UPDATE: Darren Aronofsky has dropped out of directing duties for The Wolverine. He stated that production of the film would keep him away from his family for about a year as he was not comfortable with that. As of now there has been no mention as to who will helm the project next.

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