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Medal of Honor Review

Medal of Honor 2010 is a reboot of the series that started back on the previous generation of consoles. The game has been taken out of its familiar roots from the World War 2 era and placed in a more modern setting. The game takes place right after the events of 9/11 and has you assuming different roles within the single player campaign on the frontlines of Afghanistan. This game is literally 2 games in one since one company developed the single player and another developed the multiplayer. The look and feel of both are very different but it cannot out do the CoD series. This feels very similar to Modern Warfare 2 and they try really hard to mimic it but lets face it, nothing can touch the COD series. Sorry Medal of Honor, you got served.

The campaign experience of the game was alright, on average anyone can finish it within 5 hours or so; its short and sweet: that’s the good news. The bad news is, the graphics were unimpressive for the most part. The guns looked very plain; there wasn’t much detail added to it. At the start of one level early on, you are on the ground crawling through shrubs and you see a sheep in front of you (at least I thought it was), but the rendering of it looked so terrible, it looked like a white blob with legs. The scenery looked good at times especially during daytime levels but most of the time it wasn’t fully rendered and there would often be pop-ups, which kind of took away from the experience. At certain points the game would slow down which also got me a little peeved. While playing the game I kind of felt restricted within my surroundings; I couldn’t jump over obstacles and often at times I would get stuck on certain objects which is not good when you are getting shot at. And speaking of getting shot at the screen does not get that red when you are close to death, which sucks because I would like to know when I am about to die.

In terms of controls for the game, if you have played the COD series then you are quite literally at home with this. All the buttons are the exact same as in COD, too bad it doesn’t play as smooth. The controls are unresponsive at times and sometimes it feels very stiff, its nothing like Halo or CoD. When going in for a melee attack the motion looks so unrealistic and stiff, it didn’t make stabbing A.I. characters all that fun (maybe I do deserve the name stabby). And the A.I. characters were very horrible; half the time they didn’t know where to shoot and I was right in front of them. It was just way to easy to take them out; hardly any effort used whatsoever.

I must give praise to the audio portion of the game. The music during the campaign was awesome; it was almost comparable to that of Halo…almost! Every sound from explosions to gunfire sounded topnotch and really draws you into whats going on.

As for the multiplayer portion of the game, when you first start it up for whatever reason you have to make an EA account from your console but that takes only 2 seconds. DICE were the ones behind the multiplayer portion of the game, if you do not know they are the company that made the Battlefield Bad Company series. In any case, Medal of Honor’s multiplayer is very similar to Battlefield, from the terrain to the overall visuals of it. Multiplyer is pretty crazy and fast paced so of course you have to stay on your toes and watch every corner or you will find yourself face down in the dirt. There is a progressive skill tree whereby you can upgrade your weapons and customize what you carry on to the field. During gameplay there are killstreak rewards granted for you such as radar and calling in airstrikes to lay waste to your foes. Although you do not get a lot of multiplayer game modes it is still a lot of fun and it is highly more enjoyable than the single player experience; it also doesn’t suffer from a lot of those issues mentioned above.

Medal of Honor tries its best at becoming the new successor of the COD series, but a lot of glitches keep it from becoming a great game. Perhaps the next in the series will do far better than this and hopefully this time instead of having two companies create a game maybe just one should oversee the overall product.

Rating: 3/5

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