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Natalie Portman is Lois Lane and Darren Aronofsky set to direct Superman? Oh my…

Word has reached my ears that that the lovely and talented Natalie Portman is in the running of playing Lois Lane in the new Superman film. And if Darren Aronofsky is actually set to direct the film she may very well get the part. The reason why is because she is starring in his new film Black Swan.

There have been so many rumors flying around as to who would direct the next film or even be in it, this one looks more promising. The last time we saw the Man of steel on the big screen was in Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh. The film did lackluster in theatres but was survived by DVD sales of the film, which would have resulted in a sequel.

For whatever reason a sequel never took off and the production of the next Superman film was put on hiatus. There had been many rumors circulating as to what the next film would be about, but the one thing that got universal agreement was the fact that Superman had to battle some alien being whether it would be Darkseid or Doomsday; that’s what was lacking from the first film which left moviegoers bored. A reboot was set in motion, but now instead of rebooting the series the plan is to already have Superman established and all other supporting characters.

Whomever directs the movie will have a ‘godfather’ that oversees the entire project and series itself and that is none other than Christoper Nolan (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). Due to his success with the Batman film franchise he has been appointed by Warner Bros. to over see the project, but it doesn’t mean he will be in the director’s seat.

This should be very exciting news for Superman fans; the Man of Steel will make his big screen comeback!


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