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Halo: Reach Review

The Halo franchise revolutionized the gaming industry with its awesome and robust first person shooter games. Finally this epic series has come to a climatic end with Halo Reach. I shall truly miss this series as it was one that told an epic story provided with great gameplay. Bungie does not fail to deliver!

When you start the game, right from the beginning you are able to customize your character to your liking. Throughout the course of the game whether it be in campaign mode or in multiplayer, you earn credits to buy more items to customize your character. The story for this game has you assuming the role of Noble 6, a Spartan who has been assigned to the team called Noble. In this team you are joined by five other members, each with their own specialty. Noble team’s mission is to defend the planet of Reach, from the alien force known as the Covenant. The planet of Reach is highly important for a number of reasons one of which being this is the planet where the Spartan program started (Master Chief’s home), the second being that the planet is the last line of defense for Earth.

The campaign in this is truly an epic one! The entire planet is at war and you do get a scope of that throughout the entire game. There are battles happening all over the place, in the distance on certain levels you can see Covenant cruisers overhead torching buildings and causing havoc. Reach is at war and you are apart of it all! Heck you even take the battle to space! When I first saw the footage of space combat I was a little skeptical; is this going to feel right? Never doubt Bungie; the space combat level is one of the more memorable levels in the game!

If you are familiar with the Halo series fear not, you are right at home. The controls haven’t really changed much, the B button is no longer a melee attack, it now allows you to switch between grenades. The right bumper button is now the attack button, a little weird? Yes! However you now have new abilities, armor abilities to be exact. Throughout the campaign you can switch between different armor abilities, whether that would be cloaking, sprinting, shields, or jetpacks. This truly changes the way Halo is played as there are some unique things you can do with these abilities, especially in multiplayer.

If there is one thing that would make this the best Halo game created it would have to be the multiplayer component with the game. This is the complete Halo multiplayer game. Whatever Halo game you have, you will never need to go back to it ever again! In matchmaking there are a bit of connectivity issues but once you do get into a game, it is so much fun to play. While I was playing multiplayer I got killed a lot but I haven’t had so much fun in a long time with a multiplayer game. This has everything you will need from Team Deathmatch to Firefight. Firefight is back once again getting its first introduction in Halo 3: ODST. This mode has waves of enemies thrown at you and its up to you to basically survive or you can have objectives such as defending certain areas from the Covenant, you can go at it online or play locally with friends. Also making a return is Forge and its badder than ever. There are some deep customization options available for people to tinker around with. If you thought it was good on Halo 3 wait until you use it with this game.

One other thing that deserves recognition and praise for the game is the audio! No other game does it like the Halo series and this game is no different. During huge battles the music will become loud and epic making you feel like you are truly apart of something quite special, and during quiet moments, the audio will change to a more somber tone. It is all just freakishly awesome!

This game is an amalgamation of all other past Halo games; it is all nicely put in a neat package for your enjoyment. This is Bungie’s last Halo game and although it is quite sad, they have left something for us to enjoy for years to come. Halo Reach is on top of the food chain chomping its competition. Thank you Bungie for an epic and unforgettable experience!

Rating: 5/5


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