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Microsoft Kinect Hands-on Impressions

So of course I couldn’t be at Fan Expo, take a picture beside the Kinect booth and not try it out; that would just be very silly!

Upon hearing at the same time that both Microsoft and Sony would be creating motion-controlling devices I was a little iffy on the matter. I thought it would just be a carbon copy of the Wii. When Sony released their version I was right about it pretty much being a copy of the Wii, its just more precise with better looking graphics. However when Microsoft revealed their machine, I was a little shocked to see that a camera would capture you as being the controller.

I honestly thought that this device would be pretty big but the device is smaller than expected, its not that big at all; it has a lense, a sensor and a mic for voice commands or chat (a better version of Eyetoy).

On to the game: my buddy and I played a racing game, called Joy Ride and it will be one of many games being released this fall. In any case the two of us stood side by side; stuck our hands out as if their was a steering wheel in front of us and started the game. Acceleration happened automatically so we didn’t have to stick our foot out to pretend like we were stepping on the gas. I must admit this was very highly entertaining but there are a few things that must be worked out before this thing launches later this year! As I was trying to turn right I would sometimes go left and that sucked a lot and for that reason I crashed into things quite a bit…and of course I lost. I know this impression was from one game only, but before trying this out I saw people playing another game that required them to do a lot of ducking, jumping and moving from side to side and from watching the video you can see some glitches where the player on screen didn’t some times match up to the actual person playing.

This device is meant to be played with other people, I don’t see myself doing this on my own. This is definitely something you would want to have at a party, which will give lots of laughs and perhaps become a party favourite.

Kinect is a very impressive and I believe that it could be something great in the future. Microsoft is testing out something completely new and unique to the gaming world. Now if they work out the kinks we can see something special come this fall, if not then be prepared for software upgrades to patch things up quite a bit.

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