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Bioshock Infinite Announced

A few years ago a developer company by the name of 2K games released an amazing First Person Shooter experience called Bioshock. Let’s just say the game did very well and received a sequel.

The first two games took place underwater in a city named Rapture (think of Atlantis, but very creepy). There you faced off against Big Daddys, little girls and an assortment of foes. Luckily you not only had weapons to defend yourself but you also had special abilities (such as shooting lightning from your fingertips) that were amazing.

Now the action is leaving the watery depths of Rapture and into the clouds in the city of Columbia (Empire Strikes Back anyone?). This should be an interesting new adventure seeing as you will now be in the daylight among the clouds, but dont get me wrong I’m sure the game will still keep some sort of horror aspect to it. I hope one feature they add in is the ability to fly or levitate…something along those lines…C’MON YOU ARE AMONG THE CLOUDS. ITS POSSIBLE! In any case this is a refreshing and welcome change. That’s the good news. The bad news you can expect to play this game some time in 2012!

Check out the trailer!

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