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Archive for August 11, 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Tease

One of my favourite games to play on my XBOX is Modern Warfare 2. Now I have never been a fan of when Treyarch produced Call of Duty games; it could just never stand toe to toe with Infinity Ward. But I must say Black Ops has been looking very very promising lately and could possibly beat Infinity Ward (consider IW has also lost all of their senior staff over the past year). Who knows what will happen to IW in the long run but Treyarch is not letting anything stop them from producing a great game. This looks like a very promising game, if you don’t believe me, just check out this mulitplayer teaser.

Call of Duty: Black Ops will be released November 9, 2010 for 360 and PS3.

Such a tease…

Batman Under the Red Hood Review

Now when I first heard that this movie was going to be made I was super stoked. I was familiar with both Batman story arcs A Death in the Family and Under the Hood (which this movie is based off of). Which meant that we were going to see a very violent and dark story in Batman lore. Though when I saw this I was still very much shocked as to what I saw. (more…)