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Robin Williams in Batman 3?

Well I’m sure most of you have been wondering what’s happening with the latest Batman movie and some things are slowly coming to light. If you read my last blog post about Batman then in it you will have seen where I mentioned when it will be releasing and the director already knows how the story will end.

Now a lot of names have been thrown around as to who will play the villain like Johnny Depp. First off people are speculating as to which villain is going to be in the next film and I’ve heard things from bringing back Ra’s Al Ghoul to Penguin.

The actor/comedian Robin Williams is throwing his name into the hat of wanting to play the Riddler. Even if he’s not Riddler he would like to be in some way attached to the film. The likely hood of this being possible is very high seeing as how Williams worked with Christopher Nolan (director) on the thriller hit Insomnia. So who knows we can possibly see Williams as the next villain and if you ask me I think it has the possibility of matching Ledger’s performance from 2008s The Dark Knight. But only time will tell…

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