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Get Him to The Greek Review

The Judd Apatow family is back with their brand new picture, Get Him to the Greek. This reunites the two actors Jonah Hill and Russel Brand from a previous Apatow film called Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Russel Brand’s character Aldous Snow is back while Jonah Hill takes on a new character Aaron Green.

The plot of this movie has Aaron Green being charged with getting the heavy rocker Aldous Snow from London to a concert in L.A. within 72 hours. Let’s just say he has a tough time doing it seeing as how Aldous Snow is no longer sober and he is ready to party like he used to!

Russell Brand’s character was hilarious much like how he was in FSM. However with his deteriorating life, you kind of see a different side to him that was not known before. His wife Jackie Q (Rose Byrne)ended their relationship along with their sobriety after 7 years. He may be a drugged up alcoholic party person on the outside but inside he is someone who is really hurting. He has no one that he can really turn to; his mom is not all there and his dad only cares about money. And so he uses drugs and alcohol to hide and numb his emotions which is kind of a reality for some of these rock musicians.

We are used to seeing Jonah Hill’s character being really out there in terms of spewing profanity and trying to hook up with girls in other films. In this film he is the opposite of that playing a calmer character who is in a relationship with a medical intern named Daphne (Elizabeth Moss). His life was stable in the beginning but rapidly deteriorated throughout the course of the film when he was given his assignment. Although he was stable he became funnier throughout the film when he let loose, from puking on himself to being pumped full of adrenaline by Aldous (literally!)…lots of laughs

Now the standout star from this film has to be P. Diddy or Diddy, I don’t know what he calls himself these days so I’m going to stick with Puff. Anyways most of the laughs came from him in the scenes that we saw. Brand and Hill were funny but Puff was fantastic for every scene he was in. I kids you not that whatever scene he was in you were guaranteed to laugh, which is quite surprising because it is something you would not really come to expect upon first reaction…that’s how good his performance was! He played Sergio, a record company executive and Aaron’s boss. He had to ensure that Aldous would be in LA. on time for the show and that was by any means necessary whether it was crashing a party in Vegas or just berating Aaron to do his job properly! I must say it was a phenomenal job by the musician turned actor!

The film is filled with loads of laughs that will undoubtedly keep you entertained from beginning to end. There is a lot of crude humour, but like any other Apatow produced film it is to be expected nowadays. There were some moments that I do question towards the end but I won’t ruin anything for those of you who have not seen it.

Funny film, lots of laughs….4/5

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  1. Raunchy, but plenty of funny dialogue with some surprising emotional weight. Who knew P. Diddy was so hilarious?! Just wish I had something better since a lot of this comedy is just based around one dirty situation, after another. Good review, check out mine when you can!

    March 20, 2011 at 11:11 am

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