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New Mortal Kombat Film or Game?

Well I saw something very interesting today while I was surfing along the net that has me quite excited. Do you remember the early 90s when homes and arcades were flooded with the fighting game franchise Mortal Kombat? I sure as hell do! Who can forget the 1994 movie starring Christopher Lambert and Robin Shou? That movie is a classic, although I cannot say the same thing about its sequel!

The games were a phenomenal hit all across the world…up until a few years ago when they released Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe…WHAT WERE THEY THINKING WHEN COMING UP WITH THAT CONCEPT?!? The MK series is not what it used to be and for that, the company that started it all, Midway has fallen on hard times. However today things seem to be looking up for this franchise.

This short trailer or teaser shows us what an MK movie could perhaps look like. Now people are still speculating as to whether or not this is leading into another game or a movie to reboot the franchise. I for one am looking forward to see where things go with this. This trailer stars Michael Jai White and Jeri Ryans. PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!!

What do you guys think…new movie or new video game or perhaps both? Leave some comments.

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