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Red Dead Redemption Review

The Summer has finally arrived; great weather, great movies and more importantly great games that will last you for the entire summer! Rockstar studios highly known for bringing you the Grand Theft Auto series deliver something a little different (well setting at least). Red Dead Redemption is the newest edition from Rockstar that delivers for you some old Wild Wild west action!

You take on the role of an outlaw named John Marston, whom is trying to save his family from corrupt government officials  who want to bring another outlaw to justice. The thing is John has some history with this person since they use to ride together for the same gang. All along the way of trying to catch this person you come to meet a lot of people who help you not without doing things for them first!

As you would come to expect from any Rockstar sandbox title the game is highly detailed to reflect the times (early 1900s). You can actually think of this as GTA but in the 1900s. So there are plenty of horses and carriage wagons that you can hijack, but be warned the lawmen will come after you. When you commit a crime a bounty is placed on your head and you become WANTED. Whereby a radius is made on the map where you must escape, however if any law enforcement sees you then the radius is placed back on you. The only way to clear your name is to pay off the bounty or have a pardon letter. There is also a fame and honour bar that track your deeds: do good deeds and you are rewarded with fame and honour and people come to know who you are. Do terrible deeds and well the cops are after you constantly.

If you are familiar with the Grand Theft Auto series, especially with the fourth one that came out a few years ago then you are right at home with this game in terms of control scheme. Combat in the game is what you would expect with a few new editions. There is a cover system that helps you when facing a lot of gunfire mind you if you are out in the desert then it becomes a little difficult to find some cover and it doesn’t help when you have bandits coming after you, but that is where Dead Eye comes in handy. Dead Eye is a new feature that helps you in tough combat situations by allowing the game to go into a bullet time effect to take down many enemies. You can use it at any point in time but keep in mind there is a meter that runs out, so use it wisely and when you really need it. The controls can feel a little awkward at times especially when trying to get to cover but nevertheless it is still great.

The graphics for the game are truly impressive, there are a few pop-ups now and then, but it is expected with such a massive land to run or ride around in. Speaking of riding, you have your very own horse within the game that you are able to use at anytime. Once you blow a whistle, your horse comes galloping towards you no matter where you may be. So lets just say you can get anywhere on the map in a breeze with your fellow companion.  There are all sorts of wildlife in which you can hunt in the game which is kind of a neat edition. For every animal you hunt you can skin it and take parts (i.e. head) to sell for money.

Seeing as how this game is a sandbox title in the wild west where you can go anywhere you are probably thinking “Can I own a house?” Never fear Rockstar has got you covered! Yes you can own property in the game, there a few scattered locations where you can either rent a room for the night or just purchase it. Here you can save your game progress as well as restock on ammunition, not to mention changing outfits as well. Another unique way to save game progress is by having a campsite out in the wilderness when you are to far away from civilization. You can also travel to any destination of your choosing if you don’t want to spend the time riding around with the campsite option.

Multiplayer in the game is an interesting mix of things. When you start the multiplayer you are sent into free roam where you can customize a character of your choosing. You are also thrown into the mix with 15 other players in a server and some people may be unforgiving. The very moment you spawn someone could be there to kill you. Free roam allows you to meet new people and join a posse if you wish to. In free roam you can do co-op based objectives or just roam around the land killing other players if your in a public server of course. You can have a private one with you and your friends to wreak all sorts of ruckus. Everything in free roam is about leveling up your character and this leads to better equipment such as weapons and horses.

If you don’t fancy the free roam well then of course you can go for your usual free for all matches, team death matches and  capture the flag matches. For matches it starts off in a unique way. Matches start off in gang shootout whereby the person left standing (if you are playing FFA) gets to go and hide ahead of everyone else before they spawn. This gives you an advantage at setting up in a good location before the match actually begins.

Red Dead Redemption is a must own title to add to your collection of video games. This has all the elements of an amazing game; a compelling and expansive single player story and an equally impressive multiplayer to back it up. RDR will have you always coming back for more. Saddle up partner, the wild wild west lives again! YIPPY KI-AYE!!!!!


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  1. dmob

    cool, I may pick it up!

    June 2, 2010 at 8:17 pm

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